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What are your ideas for a more sustainable tourism? France wants to hear from you

What are your ideas for a more sustainable tourism? France wants to hear from you
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As a tourist in France, what are your ideas for a more sustainable tourism?

This is something the French Tourism Sector Committee is asking as part of an online public consultation on the theme of responsible tourism.

Until June 20, 2021, Canadians and international tourists are invited to express their opinion and share their ideas via the platform.

Respondents may suggest compelling actions that the French tourism stakeholders must heed to and pursue to make the travel industry more responsible and sustainable at a national level as well as in regions or specific destinations.

The consultation is part of the reflections within the Tourism Sector Committee, presided by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, secretary of state in charge of French Nationals Abroad, Francophonie and Tourism—a group that unites the main actors of the travel industry working together around a national sustainable development strategy.

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“In this health crisis, the tourism industry is one of the hardest-hit sectors. A more sustainable development of tourism is the way forward to overcome the difficulties, in the context of a highly competitive international restart. Greener growth opportunities will allow for both the preservation and development of the tourism ecosystem. France is the world’s leading tourist destination and intends to keep this rank by proposing outstanding sustainable offers to visitors,” said Lemoyne.

France will begin easing local lockdown measures throughout May.

The Committee members—Atout France, the National Federation of Campsites and Residential Parks (FNHPA), the Banque des territoires (Regional Investment Fund), ADN tourism, Acteurs du tourisme durable (ATD), and Teragir— worked with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to develop this first ambitious consultation.

Support for this endeavour also came from non-members such as Alliance France Tourism, the network Agir pour un tourisme responsable, the French Travel Syndicate, Huttopia and the Association pour un tourisme équitable et solidaire (ATES).

"As the industry restarts and the domestic and international movements are bound to increase, the tourism industry needs to face the many challenges and focus on finding a new balance," Atout France said in a release. 

"Sustainable development, a more responsible tourism is a strategy roadmap that needs to be designed collectively. The entire tourism ecosystem is at a major turning point: embracing change is key to be able to transform and create new opportunities to improve our world." 

The consultation can be accessed here.

France will begin easing local lockdown measures throughout May and plans to begin welcoming foreign tourists starting June 9 on condition that they have a health pass.

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