Wednesday,  January 19, 2022  6:58 am

Visit Florida offering 20% discount for Canadians

Visit Florida offering 20% discount for Canadians

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott arrived in Toronto to deliver a special announcement to the media in attendance.

“We have a little over three-million Canadians coming to Florida every year, and about 120 million tourists will come to our state this year,” Governor Scott said. “We always want to create value so we’ve created a new program this year which is a 20 per cent discount on airfare, rental cars, and lodging to help even out the value of the Canadian dollar, giving Canadians even more reason to come to our state.”

Governor Scott made the announcement at Toronto's Union Station in the GO York Concourse Hall, alongside his wife, First Lady Ann Scott, Canadian Consul General in Miami Susan Harper, and Ken Lawson, president, Visit Florida.

Florida just went through a hurricane, but according to Governor Scott, the state is back in business. A small part of the Florida Keys (approximately 25 miles) were impacted, but the rest of the state was very fortunate. Five days after the hurricane blew through, Key West was up and running. The amusement parks, state beaches and restaurants are all open. “It’s great to be here, and we’re here to get more Canadians to come to Florida,” said Florida Governor Rick Scott.

“The whole goal [of the program] is that we want everybody to come to our great state, because we are absolutely open for business,” Governor Scott said. “We love Canadians, you’re our biggest group of international travellers, and we just want 100 per cent of Canadians to come down at least once a year.”

“I am particularly proud to welcome my Florida friends to my hometown of Toronto and I have to say, I’ve spent a lot of winters in Canada, and only one in Florida, but it only takes one,” Harper said. “I want you to think about February, and when you hold that thought, you’ll know why there’s a lot of interest.”

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