Monday,  January 24, 2022  1:30 am

A new look for Saint Lucia

A new look for Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has announced the completion of its branding platform, heralding what its tourism board’s representative in Canada, Andrew Ricketts, hailed as a ‘totally different direction’ for the promotion of the Caribbean destination.

The rebranding and restructuring of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board is intended to reflect a more business-oriented and results-driven approach, with the newly-instituted Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) enlisting New York-based creative agency Translation LLC to develop a new platform aimed at distinguishing the island from other Caribbean destinations and highlighting its unique appeal.

‘A totally different light’

Speaking to PAX, Ricketts described the rebrand as part of an ‘exciting time’ for the destination. “Saint Lucia is the only Caribbean island that was actually named after a female, Helen of the West, so we have taken this complete rebranding and really focused on emphasizing the beauty of Saint Lucia,” he commented.

Andrew Ricketts, president, TOTAL Public Relations with Dunstan James, director of marketing Canada, Saint Lucia Tourist Board

The new approach is reflected in the destination’s new tagline, ‘Saint Lucia, Let Her Inspire You,’ intended to increase demand, promote compelling reasons to visit the island, and promote its distinctive appeal.

The rebrand has also seen a redesign of the Saint Lucia logo, with the two ‘A’s in its name represented by the famous Piton twin peaks. Ricketts said that the fresh approach was part of a concerted strategy to showcase the island beyond its beach offerings.

“We’ve come up with some really innovative design for the rebrand launch, and we’re trying to stay away from the typical sea, sun and beach right now; we’re promoting, experiences, culture and its people,” he explained.

“We have beautiful beaches nonetheless, but we’re trying to promote more than the beaches: Saint Lucia is… the people, the culture, it’s the experiences, it’s the cuisine. The rebrand is really going to promote those niche products in a totally different light.”

Ricketts told PAX that more was to come, with further promotional efforts in the New Year to include television spots, radio, billboard marketing, and videos. “It’s going to be a totally different direction than you’ve seen before from Saint Lucia.”

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