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Quebec City Tourism unveils a new name & identity

Quebec City Tourism unveils a new name & identity
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Quebec City Tourism has revamped its image and has unveiled a new name: from now on, Destination Quebec cite will be the new name under which the Quebec City region will be promoted.

The organization responsible for promoting tourism in the Quebec City region, inspired by the greatest tourism destinations worldwide, has decided to modernize its image to better face the competition and stay ahead of the current market trends. 

"This new name will better reflect the vibrant and animated region that is the greater Quebec area, a destination in action," the tourism board said in a release on Aug. 30. "This change fits in perfectly with the relaunching of our brand, initiated in 2018, “Quebec cite, l’accent d’Amerique." 

The Quebec City tourism region includes the city of Quebec, the municipal regional counties of the Isle of Orleans, the Beaupre Coast, Portneuf and Jacques-Cartier. 

The new name, Destination Quebec cite, will highlight the many features of this diverse agglomeration and all its components. 

The tourism board says the new name will also help differentiate between the province of Quebec and the tourist region of Quebec city.

“In this crucial period where, more than ever, the region must distinguish itself to claim its rightful place on the tourism scene, introducing Destination Quebec cite as the new name is perfectly timed, declared the Mayor of Quebec City, Mr. Regis Labeaume. "This strong and inspiring name leaves no doubt: the Québec region is the destination of choice for visitors from all over the world.”

“The pandemic has accelerated the tourism trends and increased the level of competition, further accentuating the urgency to reinvent ourselves and adopt the latest trends, thus meeting the expectations of the tourism industry within this new reality. We truly believe that this new name will help us positively contribute to the recovery effort of our industry by reinforcing our destination’s position and demonstrating our willingness to be more competitive, increasing our notoriety and allowing our destination to shine bright around the world," said Robert Mercure, general manager of Destination Quebec cite.

Ambitious objectives

Quebec City set ambitious objectives for the summer season and the destination didn’t disappoint with an average occupancy rate of 58% between June 25th and August 21, 2021, representing an increase of 45% during the same period in 2020.

This is a clear indication that the vast marketing campaign implemented in the Québec province, as well as the Ontario market since June, offering a $75 gift card when booking two nights or more along with the enhanced Animated City program stimulated Quebec City’s overall attractively.

Destination Quebec cite’s marketing campaign was viewed more than 70 million times and generated over 840,000 visits on our website, a record for Québec City. 

"The indicators also tell us that the average length of stay of Québécois visitors has increased, just as we had hoped," the tourism board stated. 

Quebec City topped the charts for best Canadian destination in terms of hotel occupancy for a few weeks during the summer and was in the lead throughout the season in this category along with Vancouver, Calgary and Halifax.

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