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Ottawa joins Spain's "Light up the Xacobeo" spectacle

Ottawa joins Spain's "Light up the Xacobeo" spectacle
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Santiago, Spain. (Supplied)
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Light up the Xacobeo is an initiative where more than a hundred monuments and unique buildings throughout Spain are illuminated to mark the beginning of the second part of the Xacobeo Holy Year 2021-2022. 

As the Holy Year 2021 was extended for the first time over two consecutive years because of the pandemic, this spectacle will be able to be enjoyed again in 2022. 

More than 52 buildings along the Way in Spain will be part of this initiative.

Ottawa’s Notre-Dame Cathedral is joining in those celebrations with a special illumination which has started on January 6 in presence of the Ambassador of Spain Mr. Alfredo Martinez Serrano, the President of the Canadian Association of Friends of El Camino Mr. Austin Cooke, Fr. David Bergeron, Rector of Notre-Dame Cathedral and Ms. Barbara Couto, Director of the Tourist Office of Spain, marking the debut of a collaboration to promote the Xacobeo Year in Canada.

This illumination can be enjoyed in Ottawa also on Jan. 7. 

The Xacobeo Holy Year is an event of exceptional public interest, as it is only celebrated when the festival of St. James (July 25) falls on a Sunday. 

This happens at varying intervals and occasionally we have to wait up to 11 years to celebrate the next Holy Year. To commemorate it, the route of St James will be full of events, including concerts, art exhibitions, films, conferences and educational activities for all ages.

Travelling the Way of Saint James is taking a very special journey through Spain. Also known as the “Camino de Santiago," this ancient route is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

"For many people, it’s a totally unique adventure that they would repeat in a heartbeat," said the Tourist Office of Spain in a release on Thursday (Jan. 6). "Embarking on this historical route represents an experience that is a combination of personal challenge, finding oneself, sport, nature and an interest in history and art. And if your trip coincides with a Jacobean, or Holy Year, the experience will be all the more exceptional." 

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