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Mexico's Secretary of Tourism announces new date for Tianguis Turístico

Mexico's Secretary of Tourism announces new date for Tianguis Turístico
Mexico's Tourism Secretary Miguel Torucco Marques (photo Daniel Schwen/Wikipedia)
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The 45th edition of Yucatan's biggest tourism fair, Tianguis Turístico, is now scheduled to take place in Merida, and will be held in Mar. 21-24, 2021. 

The event, originally scheduled to take place from Mar. 22-25, was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Additionally, the trade show will also be showcased on a new stage with the launch of the first Digital Tianguis Turístico, which will take place in September of this year.

“In an unprecedented and historical way, the 45 Tourist Tianguis evolves into a better showcase meeting the needs of the new reality imposed on us by the global crisis of COVID-19,” said Michelle Fridman, Minister of Tourism for the State of Yucatan. “The renewed Tianguis 360 will be a hybrid multi-event with a digital component and a face-to-face component, which will allow us to face the current needs for efficiency, innovation, reactivation and preservation of the great institution called Tianguis Turístico that represents us. Yucatan is ready.”

Secretary Torruco Marques emphasized that due to COVID-19 the country has faced an unprecedented situation in modern history that affects everyone and has had serious repercussions in various areas. Beyond the health sector, the crisis has impacted all productive sectors, including tourism, a solid engine for development and prosperity.

Six objectives

As a result, the Ministry of Tourism has developed a series of strategies and actions aimed at reactivating this important industry.

The head of Sectur added that for the first time in its history, the most important tourism event in Mexico will update its format to meet six objectives:

  1. Protect the health of all Mexicans and participants of Tianguis Turístico.
  2. Promptly reactivate tourism in the country.
  3. Empathize and support an industry that has been financially affected.
  4. Further evolve and innovate Tianguis Turistico, in alignment with the latest trends in the meetings segment.
  5. To be an edition of Tianguis Turístico that is inclusive, a first for the show.
  6. The continuation of an event that belongs to all of us, one that we should preserve as an important institution that represents us all.

In addition to this, Sectur will continue to develop strategies and actions such as the second edition of the Tianguis Turístico de Pueblos Mágicos 2020, which will take place in the city of San Luis Potosí from November 26 to 29. 

He added that this meeting seeks to promote the tourism packages of the 121 Magical Towns of the country, consolidating it as an engine to boost domestic tourism and the reactivation of the tourism value chain, especially as it is expected that road trips and visits to nearby places will be the first to be considered travellers.

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