Friday,  January 27, 2023  10:26 pm

Martinique sees record tourism numbers in 2017

Martinique sees record tourism numbers in 2017

Martinique welcomed a record number of visitors in 2017, with 1,041,139 travellers visiting the Isle of Flowers last year.

According to Martinique Tourism Commissioner Karine Mousseau, more than 511,000 of these visitors were cruise passengers enjoying an excursion during one of the 256 cruise ship port calls and stay over visitors numbered a little over 534,000.

Visitors to Martinique came from the following markets:

  • France: 66.3 per cent
  • Other European countries: 8.8 per cent
  • North America: 6.8 per cent (up from 2.4 per cent in 2014)
  • Other (Guadeloupe, other Caribbean Islands, Guyana): 18.1 per cent

Mousseau added that the average spend per visitor per day is 68 Euros ($84 at today’s rate), with American visitors spending 20 per cent more, averaging $110 per day.