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Los Cabos expected to close 2022 with 20% growth in visitors

Los Cabos expected to close 2022 with 20% growth in visitors
Los Cabos. (Alejandro Cabrera)
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The Los Cabos Tourism Board has announced an "unprecedented growth" in tourism arrivals expected by the end of 2022 with more than 3.3 million visitors – a more than 20 per cent projected growth when compared to 2021 and a 32 per cent compounded growth over the last five years with 800 thousand more passengers than 2017. 

Los Cabos’ steady year-over-year growth is the result of the destination’s flexible business model, the high quality of services, its safety and security approach, and integration of its private and public sectors to strengthen international promotional efforts, the tourism board says. 

In the Canadian market, Los Cabos is projecting a 19.3 per cent more available seats for the next six months. 

The arch of Cabo San Lucas. (

This makes Canada the second largest international market for Los Cabos following the U.S. 

After a full closure to international travel by the Canadian Government in 2020, Canada is steadily increasing its number of travellers into the destination. The destination looks forward to matching arrivals from 2019 by the end of 2023.

Wellness + sustainability

Los Cabos is reinvigorating its wellness and sustainability offering. 

From optimizing resources dedicated to investment in hotel infrastructure and protecting its natural ecosystems to creating community programs and ensuring the equal growth, development, and wellbeing of the local population, Los Cabos is focusing on its new chapter as a sustainable destination.

“As Los Cabos’ tourism is on a steep rise, it is not lost on us that our destination increasingly requires more care and protection,” said Rodrigo Esponda, managing director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board. "We take a holistic approach in the sustainability of Los Cabos. Sustainability is no longer about small practices we are implementing, but rather a guiding principle on the type of destination we want to be as we care for the environment, community, culture and more.”

Across the destination, hotels, suppliers and providers are committed to the environment, integrating the mindset of the sustainability focus into their business model.

Nature-Centered Experiences

An increased number of travellers continue to select Los Cabos as a destination not only to disconnect from their busy lives, but also to re-connect with nature given the range of authentic experiences available. 

Los Cabos. (Pax Global Media)

At Rancho Cacachilas, locals are invited to learn new skills like how to bee keep and make cheese from goats’ milk – both ancient skills they are trying to reintroduce into communities.

The community of Santiago is developing eco-tourism program offerings in partnership with local ranches. 

New hotels 

With more than 1,500 new hotel rooms expected from 2022-2024, Los Cabos continues to attract renowned hotel brands. 

New hotel developments are focused on sustainability and regeneration practices that will continue to advance Los Cabos into sustainability at every single touch point.

Upcoming openings include Rancho Pescadero of the Unbound Collection expected to fully open by the end of 2022, St. Regis Los Cabos at Quivira in 2023, Four Seasons Resort and Residences Cabo San Lucas at Cabo del Sol in late 2023, Park Hyatt in 2023, Vidanta East Cape in 2024, Amanvari in 2024, Soho House & Beach Club in Q3 and Q4 of 2024, and Casa Vela in 2023.

Los Cabos encompasses desert, ocean and mountains. (

Blossoming Gastronomy

In Los Cabos, most gastronomic experiences are born out of a desire to source locally and highlight the heritage of the area without sacrificing taste.

Baja Brewing Company is one of the first breweries in Mexico and creates seasonal flavors based on what is being grown in the region.

San José del Cabo’s 23400 District  draws visitors into the history of the destination with authentic food and flavors across restaurants, food trucks and open-air stalls.

To allow tourists to virtually experience Los Cabos even before they travel, the destination is launching an immersive aerial-to-ground experience featuring 3D effects and ambient sounds that emulate the destination’s real-life environment.

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