Sunday,  October 1, 2023  2:10 pm

Jamaica goes paperless with passenger declaration form

Jamaica goes paperless with passenger declaration form
Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay. (Shutterstock/Debbie Ann Powell)
Pax Global Media

Jamaica’s passenger declaration form is going paperless.

As of Sept. 1, all passengers travelling to the Caribbean country will have to complete the customs and immigration form electronically either before their trip or upon arrival at the airport through a mobile kiosk or their phones.

Up until now, passengers have had the option of completing the form online before their trip or filling out a paper copy at the airport upon arrival in Jamaica.

The move to digital information collection is meant to help streamline the arrival process in Kingston and Montego Bay and to ensure passengers are able to clear customs and immigration as quickly as possible.

“This paperless entry form will reduce wait times at Jamaica’s airports and make for a smooth and seamless arrival experience so that visitors can begin enjoying the destination even sooner,” said Angella Bennett, regional director, Canada, Jamaica Tourist Board.

The move to the digital-only form is one of many updates coming to Jamaica’s airports this fall.

Additional upgrades at Sangster Airport, such as longer runways, a new departure lounge and expanded immigration hall to reduce crowding, are also planned.

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