Thursday,  June 30, 2022  7:16 pm

"A momentous occasion!" Israel lifting pre & on-arrival test requirements for travellers

"A momentous occasion!" Israel lifting pre & on-arrival test requirements for travellers
(Israel Ministry of Tourism)
Pax Global Media

Israel has announced a further easing of COVID-19 restrictions at its border. 

Starting Friday (May 20), all travellers flying into Israel will no longer be required to take a PCR test upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, the Israel Ministry of Tourism announced Thursday. 

This will allow for travellers to depart the airport without having to take a COVID test and quarantine - they are now free to begin their vacation "the minute they step off the plane."

Secondly, as of May 21 (12:01 a.m.), Israel will also lift all pre-departure COVID testing requirements. 

Therefore, there will be no need for a PCR test or antigen test before one departs for Israel, regardless of vaccination status.

A completed entry form is also still required to enter the country and masks are required on international flights.

“This new development in Israel’s testing and entry requirements is another fantastic step in being able to welcome visitors back to Israel,” said Eyal Carlin, Tourism Commissioner for North America. “With travellers planning their summer and fall trips now, this will make traveling to Israel simpler and more relaxing upon arrival – your vacation will really begin when you step off the plane! We hope this new ease in restrictions will allow for even more visitors to enjoy our country.”

Gal Hana, director counsel of Canada for the Israel Ministry of Tourism, added:  “The news surrounding the lifting of the pre-departure testing and testing upon arrival in Israel, is a momentous occasion! We are excited to make this announcement as Canadians have already started to fill flights to Israel over the last few months." 

“Our travellers can now enter Israel with more ease and less traveller anxiety, knowing they are free to explore the country as soon as they arrive at Ben Gurion.”

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