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French Polynesia will welcome international visitors on July 15th

French Polynesia will welcome international visitors on July 15th
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French Polynesia has had no active cases of COVID 19  since May 29th

The country’s authorities haave confirmed that borders will be re-opening to international tourism in French Polynesia starting on July 15th, 2020.

As of July 15th, quarantine measures will be completely lifted and French Polynesia’s borders will re-open to international tourism from all countries.

Prior to departure, travellers will be subjected tot he following:

  • Compulsory COVID-19 (RT-PCR) test 72 hours before the departure to French Polynesia
  • Compulsory international travel insurance for every non-resident visitor traveling to French Polynesia (example; coverage provided by some credit cards used to cover the stay);
  • Travellers will have to provide a medical certificate
    • If the test is negative: boarding
    • If the test is positive: no boarding
  • Travellers who have tested COVID-19 positive more than 3 weeks prior to the departure and who have an immunity certificate proving their recovery are exempt from the requirements listed above.

In addition to wearing a face mask on board, all travellers must sign a statement of commitment to follow sanitary measures and self-diagnosis of symptoms, and fill in an information form regarding their stay: itinerary and accommodation (e-mail contact / phone / dates of stay).

During the stay, travellers will be asked to take a COVID-19 test four days after arrival: The Ministry of Health and Prevention of French Polynesia will randomly test a panel of travelers during their stay.

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