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The ETC launches the 'Europe invites the curious' campaign in Canada

The ETC launches the 'Europe invites the curious' campaign in Canada
The "Europe invites the curious" campaign is launched in Canada, in collaboration with Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations.
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"After watching the EURO European Championship on TV and being confined to the house for months, now is the time to go out and rediscover Europe!"

This was stated by Pascal Prinz, President of the Canadian Chapter of the European Travel Commission, as the ETC launches the "Europe invites the curious" campaign to Canada, in collaboration with Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations.

The launch follows the European Union's recent decision to add Canada to the green list, which suggests that all EU countries lift restrictions on Canadians whose travel is non-essential.

"Now that Europe is ready to welcome Canadian travellers back, we are delighted to partner with Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations to encourage the return of transatlantic travel," said Miguel Gallego, ETC's Chief Marketing Officer.

The campaign put forward by the ETC and these two tourism players notably presents featured tariffs for several European countries, including Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and several others.

As for the Europe invites the curious campaign, it was set up by the ETC in partnership with its member NTOs and is co-financed by the European Union. It demonstrates that, during the pandemic, Europe has adapted well, both by introducing strict security protocols and by preparing many new travel experiences.

"This multi-channel campaign will convey all the latest information and updates on the travel experiences that consumers can experience in Europe, particularly in terms of nature, history, culture and gastronomy," ETC explains.

Canadians are missing Europe

"The pandemic has not stopped Canadians' love for Europe. If anything has happened, it is this failure to travel around Europe, which has been felt by Canadians particularly since the borders were closed 16 months ago," says Pascal Prinz.

"Canadians are indispensable to Europe. European destinations are ready to offer this smooth and harmonious experience that travelers have been deprived of for too long," says Miguel Gallego.

For European destinations, Canada ranks third among all out-of-region traveller sending markets. In 2019, Europe attracted 6.5 million travellers from Canada with the diversity of its landscapes, history, culture, and culinary experiences.

"With canada's vaccination campaign in full swing, we hope for a return of travellers over the summer and a strong fall season. We look forward to welcoming our Canadian friends back," said Pascal Prinz.

Mark Galardo, Senior Vice-President, Network Planning and Revenue Management at Air Canada, agrees.

"As travel restrictions around the world have eased, Air Canada has embarked on rebuilding its international network and, as a global carrier, continues its mission to connect Canada to the rest of the world. Canadians still have a strong attachment to Europe, and now that they are excited to travel again soon, we are delighted to join this campaign and join forces with our long-time partner, the European Travel Commission."

In conclusion :

"As vaccination rates rise globally and our CleanCare+ biosecurity protocols are the best in our industry, Air Canada is clearly putting the health and safety of travellers at the top of its priorities. We are very much looking forward to the return of the passengers on board."

Travel agents and tour operators seeking information on current travel conditions in Europe are invited to visit the portal.

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