Monday,  January 24, 2022  1:14 am

CTO: growth for Barbados, agent bookings up

CTO: growth for Barbados, agent bookings up

Double-digit growth for Barbados, Cuba and Guadeloupe and an increase in bookings through travel agents are among the findings of a study released by the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

The study, conducted by flight data analysts Forward Keys, focuses on forward bookings to the Caribbean for the next six months, and the performance up to October.

Among the findings are:

  • North American arrivals to the Caribbean grew 2.3 per cent, with the market accounting for 70.8 per cent of inbound travel to the region.

  • The Caribbean’s top five growing destinations are Barbados (+18.3 per cent); Cuba (+17 per cent); Guadeloupe (+10.8 per cent); Aruba (+8.4 per cent); and Haiti (+8.2 per cent).

  • Total international arrivals booked through travel agencies in the Caribbean welcomed a year-to-date increase of +4.3 per cent. Above average growth was seen from Europe (+9.5 per cent), Asia Pacific (+12.7 per cent) and Africa and Middle East (+19.2 per cent).

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