Monday,  August 3, 2020  8:16 pm

Cayo Santa María and Cayo Coco are open to tourism

Cayo Santa María and Cayo Coco are open to tourism

Gaviota Hotels has spoken out, following a series of misguided information that says Cayo Santa María is closed to international tourism until January.

“Since July 1st, the Playa Coco and Playa Cayo Santa María hotels have been accessible to international customers, respectively in the destinations Cayo Coco and Cayo Santa María,” said the Cuban tourism company.

Carmen Casal Sánchez, director of the Cuba Tourism office in Montreal, confirmed that Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Coco are among the destinations reopened on July 1st for international tourism, like Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Cruz and Cayo Largo.

“Important hygiene and sanitary protocols have been implemented to guarantee the safety of Cubans and international visitors,” Sánchez said.

Gaviota Hotels also indicates that the gradual resumption of its tourist services is being carried out in a safe manner, taking into account strict hygienic and sanitary protocols.

Activities and excursions in the Cayos

Gaviota Hotels points out that at present, the circulation of foreign tourists is limited inside the Cayos where they spend their holidays.

Sánchez says that “activities and excursions during the stay can be done in the Cayos."

Gaviota Hotels added that there are excursions, nautical activities, car rentals and other local services to still enjoy.

The Cuban tourism group says various advance sales offers have been made available to customers, with flexible cancellation policies that allow for long-term vacation planning.

As for the opening to international tourism of other Cuban tourist poles, Gaviota says that this will depend on the behavior of the tourist flow once flights to Cuba begin.

“After months of hiatus after confinement, Cuba is ready for a reunion. New, more comfortable and safer excursions, experiences and facilities await customers," concludes Gaviota.

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