Friday,  January 27, 2023  10:45 pm

Cayman Islands posts record January arrivals

Cayman Islands posts record January arrivals

Following 2017’s record-breaking year for air and cruise arrivals into the Cayman Islands, arrivals for 2018 are off to a record-breaking start, including a record number of Canadian arrivals.

The destination welcomed a total of 39,185 stayover visitors recorded for the month of January, an increase of 23.87 per cent over 2017. According to Visit Cayman Islands, the statistic represents the best January in recorded arrivals history and is the eighth consecutive month (June 2017 through January 2018) that the Cayman Islands has had record-breaking growth.

The 23.87 per cent growth is the highest percent growth increase for a January in 12 years and is 13.9 percent higher than January 2015, the previous highest January in recorded history.

In addition, January 2018 arrivals from Canada increased year-over-year by 13.47 per cent, representing the best January in recorded history for Canada with a total of 3,353 stayover visitors.

A total of 218,430 cruise passengers visited the Cayman Islands in January, an increase of 20 percent over January 2017.

Sustained growth is expected in the coming months as residents and guests alike prepare to celebrate the island’s colourful and spirited national carnival Batabano, as well as CayMas and Braccanal. The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism will be launching its Summer Only in Cayman promotion in mid-March, which this year seeks to leverage Cayman’s position as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. The promotion invites families to savour the endless array of cuisines available on-island by an impressive roster of local chefs and includes curated epicurean experiences for even the youngest of authentic culinary seekers.

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