Thursday,  May 28, 2020  11:04 am

YYZ Travel celebrates 33 years in business

YYZ Travel celebrates 33 years in business
Of YYZ Travel Group: Alexandra Pelts, president; Inna Zelener-Vinokurov, executive vice president; Vicky Zaltsman executive president.

Every year, YYZ Travel Group, a Virtuoso member, celebrates its milestones, and this year was no different.

On their 15th anniversary, the company took the team to Club Med Paradise Island; on the 20th anniversary, the entire staff went on a cruise out of Florida to the Bahamas. As the company grows and more staff is added, the office can't exactly close up shop anymore, but that doesn't mean the team isn't still celebrating. Now, big parties are reserved for anniversaries that come in five-year milestones.

This year, YYZ Travel celebrated it's 33rd anniversary, which means in two years from now, a big celebration will take place once more.

The success of the company is due largely in part to the high quality of service YYZ Travel offers its clients, and their approach to thinking outside of the box , says Alexandra Pelts, president, YYZ Travel Group.

"We have almost 100 people on our team, who come from different background and bring different experiences, strengths, and knowledge, which allows us to be able to provide services for different types of clients, from corporates, to students, to weddings, to cruise specialists," Pelts said. "Through networking and sharing experiences with each other, they're able to offer the best travel solutions for our clients."

Setting goals

As yet another milestone approaches, YYZ Travel is looking forward to growing even more, and continuing its professional development trainings for agents.

"Every year we set goals in one major department, whether that's a new technology that allows our agents to save time, or like last year, to double our sales, and we're well in to reaching that goal," Pelts said. "We differentiate ourselves by strengthening our relationships with our clients, our partners, and our staff, because we have to make sure every piece of the puzzle fits the right way, and as a moving puzzle, those pieces move all the time."

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