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Vacances Préférence now offering packages out of YYZ

Vacances Préférence now offering packages out of YYZ
Aldo Faustini, president, and Ennio Faustini, vice-president, of Vacances Préférence.
Christine Hogg

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Almost two decades ago, Vacances Préférence launched in Quebec.

At the time, the company was working closely with Transat and other partners; chartering flights and booking hotels. After several partners sold off their shares, Vacances Préférence shifted gears to pinpoint a more specific focus, which to this day, is customizable, packaged European holidays.

The company has now expanded its travel offering, which specializes in tailor-made travel packages in Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia, as well as a number of cruises in the Mediterranean (Costa, MSC and Louis Cruise Lines). 

For 2019, the new brochure highlights unique experiences that bring added value to the customer in Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, and Portugal.

Branching out of Quebec

Vacances Préférence is now focused on expanding their business parameters to grow outside of the Quebec market, and recently launched an English website to cater to travel agents nationwide.

“I believe that outside of Air Canada Vacations, we’re the only tour operator in Quebec that prints both an English and French brochure,” said Ennio Faustini, vice-president, Vacances Préférence. “We want people to know about us, our products, and the possibilities we can offer.”

Experiential, gastronomical, & everything in between

According to Ennio, the company specializes in food and wine packages as well as other gastronomical experiences throughout some of the most sought-after destination in Europe.

Light adventure is another segment that many vacation packages are centred around.

According to Ennio, Greece is making a big comeback this year, and as always, Portugal and Croatia remain hot destinations to explore.

Taking care of agents

Vacances Préférence has a competitive commission structure in place for agents; when they arrange car rental services, tours, or packages independently, they’re rewarded extra commission or the best negotiated rate.

Currently, Vacances Préférence works with many major Canadian airlines in order to negotiate the best rates possible.

“A lot of people like to fly direct, and [Air Canada] Rouge has been filling in that gap a little bit,” Ennio explained. “We like to do things that are open jaw; landing in one city and returning out of the other to avoid the extra mileage.”

Vacances Préférence takes care of all of the little details so your clients can enjoy their vacations every step of the way. At destination, the company has full-service handlers that are available to travellers 24/7, able to offer emergency support or lend insight into general inquiries.

New packages out of Toronto

New this year, Vacances Préférence has increased its airlift outside of Quebec.

“We negotiate all hotels and meals at the best possible price,” Ennio explained. “We’ve also started packaging a lot of our travel out of Toronto, and not just Montreal where the majority comes from.”

All of the packages include airfare, which lends a competitive edge for travellers who might be looking at a similar product for the same price, only to find out that they must budget for another thousand dollars to cover the cost of those round-trip flights.

“There’s value there, and I think sometimes people are hesitant to book something with a good price attached to it,” Ennio explained. “but we try and offer the best deal possible and give the agents a better commission than most would, because that’s important to us. We were also travel agents once; we understand where they’re at, and we want them to know they can easily sell with us with no complaints on the way back.”

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