Sunday,  April 5, 2020  7:15 am

Uniworld adds two new cruise, land, & 5-star train itineraries for 2021

Uniworld adds two new cruise, land, & 5-star train itineraries for 2021

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection has announced it is introducing two new itineraries incorporating cruise, land, and train travel for 2021. 

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In partnership with Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, the two packages will travel through Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. This offers clients the opportunity to explore a variety of destinations across several countries in one journey, combining major cities with little-known destinations. 

Agents will be able to start booking clients on Uniworld’s new Cruise & Rail 2021 itineraries later this month.

"At Uniworld, we are constantly looking for way to elevate the intimate destination experience our guests appreciate and quite frankly, expect," said Ellen Bettridge, president and CEO of Uniworld. "Like river cruising, luxury train travel is an opportunity to bring our guests to the heart of Europe and with a view that changes daily. Train travel is a trend we are very much at the forefront of and we are thrilled to be using this opportunity to broaden Uniworld's horizon's and explore new destinations the brand has yet to travel to."

What's included?

The new itineraries include the 14-day Cruise & Rail: Milan, Venice & the Swiss Alps that starts with a land portion in Milan, a round-trip cruise from Venice and ends with a train trip to Zurich; and a 12-day Cruise & Rail: Venice & the Swiss Alps starting with a train trip from the Zurich to Venice and then a round-trip cruise. 

Both itineraries provide guests the new opportunity to travel onboard the luxury train as it runs along Lake Zurich, stopping in destinations such as the medieval town of Lienz, the picturesque Lake Bled with a Pletna rowing trip to Bled Island, and a tour of the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Excursion highlights will include detraining for a visit to Gutenberg Castle in the town of Balzers, Liechtenstein and enjoying an evening with a private concert in the caves of Postojna.

Just like the Uniworld experience, the train journeys are five-star and all-inclusive including all transfers, meals, drinks, excursions and gratuities, and all accommodations include a private in-suite bathroom. The itineraries were created with sustainable tourism in mind, seeking to impact the destinations positively by bringing guests to eat at local restaurants and experience hidden-gem villages in addition to the popular cities.

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