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TruTravels launches agent-friendly portfolio in Canada

TruTravels launches agent-friendly portfolio in Canada
Flashpacker - Bali Bliss. (Supplied)
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TruTravels, a subsidiary of G Adventures, has expanded its trade sales into Canada for the first time with its existing offering of adventures and new experiences. 

The move to sell via the trade comes as the small group operator makes it easier for agents to connect travellers to the right trip by categorizing its collection into four styles of travel, all of which will have extra appeal for post-pandemic millennial and Gen Z travellers.

Mark Pope, co-founder of TruTravels, says the pause in international travel caused by the pandemic has given the company the opportunity to rethink its product positioning in terms of changing traveller needs and wants, and how they can make their portfolio more agent-friendly as travel consultants become more important for consumer peace of mind. 

Mark Pope, co-founder of TruTravels. (Supplied)

Previously, TruTravels has only sold via the trade in the United Kingdom and Australia

“We’re thrilled to be bringing our super fun range of trips to Canadian agents to sell to a younger market of travellers. Our itineraries have a high level of structure and plenty of inclusions, making them an easy and economical solution for both time-poor young professionals and independent backpackers who are looking for an added social element as part of a bigger adventure,” says Pope. 

TruTravels’ existing range of much-loved trips will be packaged under the ‘Classic’ style of travel, while three brand new styles; FitVentures, SailVentures and Flashpacker joined the portfolio this week. 

Three styles 

Responding to new trends and with first departures in Bali and Thailand from October 2021, ‘FitVentures’ caters to travellers seeking fitness-focused and wellbeing experiences such as beach-based bootcamps, while ‘Flashpacker’ is a natural progression from a backpacker and epitomizes the popular term coined for those travellers who are looking to ‘keep it real’ but with a splash of style and private accommodation. 

FitVENTURES BaliEnergise. (Supplied)

The ‘SailVentures’ style enables travellers to live their best yacht life, combining exploration and action with ‘floatilla’ parties in Greece and Croatia throughout summer 2021. 

“We know travellers are going to crave social adventures after months of isolation and separation from their friends and family, but at the same time we are witnessing a shift away from sharing dorm-rooms to a desire for personal space in terms of accommodation options. Some travellers are seeking closer-to-home options this summer, and the SailVentures we’ve created offer the perfect balance of action and relaxation along some of Europe’s most stunning coastlines. Our existing ‘TruTravellers’ are also growing up with us - they still want all the best parts of the backpacker experience, but with a bit more comfort, so the Flashpacker style is perfect for them,” says Pope.  

There’s also been a huge move towards increased health, wellness and mindfulness following the pandemic, and this is extending to how people choose their travel," says Pope. 

"Many travellers don’t want to spend a full week in a bootcamp centre, so we’ve created our FitVentures tours to celebrate local wellbeing and great outdoor fitness, while still allowing the group to explore amazing destinations such as Bali and Thailand," he says. 

"TruNinja" included

All small group adventures offered by TruTravels’ are led by a tour guide - a TruNinja - who also acts as a kind of ‘social director’ making sure the group has a fun time travelling together as they hit all the highlights of the destination. 

The new trips will join TruTravels’ ‘Classic’ tours in destinations including Vietnam, Thailand, Bali,Mexico, Sri Lanka and Colombia

The new tours include:

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