Tuesday,  August 9, 2022  10:11 pm

Travelwatch, Big Bark Graphics newest partners of The Travel Agent Next Door

Travelwatch, Big Bark Graphics newest partners of The Travel Agent Next Door

The Travel Agent Next Door (TTAND) has signed agreements with Travelwatch and Big Bark Graphics to provide additional marketing tools to its travel agent network, the company has announced.

“We will outsource some of our marketing needs where it makes sense,” said Flemming Friisdahl, founder, TTAND. “We offer a very comprehensive marketing program ourselves but needed a consumer e-mail solution as well as an affordable customized print materials solution.”

Travelwatch creates and manages e-mails to the end consumer, making sure that all government regulations for email marketing are met. According to TTAND, its software is particularly responsive to multi agency/agent organizations, including a CASL compliance management tool.

According to Friisdahl, Travelwatch was chosen thanks to their expertise in the area of consumer e-mail marketing. "Put simply, they can do it at a lower cost than we can ourselves," he said.

In addition, a "cost effective agreement" with Big Bark Graphics will allow TTAND agents to create customized print materials of all kinds. TTAND agents can earn rebates on their Big Bark purchases based on volume. This includes personalized TTAND stationery, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. As well, agents can purchase three types of TTAND ticket jackets and two versions of baggage tags that can be TTAND branded or customized for the agent or agency brand.

Agents can also order customized marketing, promotional and trade show products including calendars, retractable banners, fridge magnets etc.

TTAND agents are also encouraged to become an Idoweddingprint.com dealer.