Friday,  May 24, 2019  9:34 am

Trafalgar launches their 2019 Family Experiences program

Trafalgar launches their 2019 Family Experiences program

Trafalgar has just launched their 2019 Family Experiences program.

From becoming a gladiator, to making pizza with a pizzaiolo in Rome, or just wandering the open spaces of a cattle ranch, cowboy style, Trafalgar’s new Family Experiences feature nine immersive itineraries to 52 cities.

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Family travel with a difference

In addition to exploring, clients will also learn about making a difference with the extensive JoinTrafalgar program powered by TreadRight, The Travel Corporation’s not-for-profit foundation.

On the 8-day Monkeys, Jungles and Volcanoes* adventure, guests will visit the Tortugeuro National Park and learn about the Caribbean green turtles from a conservation specialist and the work of the Sea Turtle Conservancy which is helping to save these creates from extinction. They will also meet the founders of the Snake Garden Wildlife Center which is a family-run wildlife refuge and how they support the fauna and animals living in this area.

Trafalgar values the importance of quality time for families of all ages to maximize their vacations perfectly tailored for hassle-free travel. Trafalgar’s 2019 Family Experiences program allows guests to enjoy a perfect mix of fun, hands-on and educational activities that children of all ages will love. 

“No matter where in the world Canadian families would like to travel, Trafalgar effortlessly ensures that family time is time that makes memories last forever,” sayid Wolf Paunic, president of Trafalgar and Costsaver Canada. “Our unique handcrafted family-focused itineraries will take our loyal Canadian agents’ clients and their loved ones on a journey of fun, learning and inspiration.”

 Clients and their families can enjoy ‘The Good Life’ and travel to Europe, North America and Central America with Trafalgar including the following NEW 2019 trip: