Tuesday,  March 21, 2023  12:11 am

Three in 10 Canadians travelling for holidays: Expedia.ca

Three in 10 Canadians travelling for holidays: Expedia.ca

Approximately three out of ten Canadians are planning to travel during the holidays, according to a new survey by Expedia.ca.

The annual Holi-Data survey found that of the 29 per cent of respondents who will be travelling, 18 per cent will be visiting friends or family while 11 per cent will be going on vacation. Forty-four per cent of those travelling will be flying to their destination. Another 29 per cent surveyed stated that although they will stay close to home, they would like to travel. The survey also found that 71 per cent agreed that ‘a vacation would help relieve stress associated with the holiday season.’

For those planning to travel this holiday season, 49 per cent will be doing so with the family while another 31 per cent will be travelling with their spouse, according to the survey. When it comes to what they’ll enjoy most about travelling during the holidays, 38 per cent said they look forward to getting away with family and friends, followed closely by being able to rest and relax (34 per cent), while one in five (21 per cent) are eager to use this time to explore new locations.

According to Expedia.ca, Canadians who are planning to travel this holiday season by plane will mostly be visiting sunny locations south of the border, with the following destinations in the top 10:

1) Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2) Orlando, Florida

3) Phoenix, Arizona

4) Miami, Florida

5) Los Angeles, California  

6) Honolulu, Hawaii

7) Tampa, Florida

8) Cancun, Mexico

9) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

10) Las Vegas, Nevada