Tuesday,  March 21, 2023  12:18 am

TDC and preferred partners rock out in Mexico

TDC and preferred partners rock out in Mexico

Transat Distribution Canada welcomed 65 preferred partner participants this week to their National Leadership Conference at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico. The theme for the week is TDC’s Greatest Hits – highlighting the successes and new opportunities for the network.

On Tuesday, a special Partner Appreciation Event was hosted by the new Hard Rock Hotel in the Riviera Maya.  The TDC Music Awards featured the preferred partners dressed as “Rock Stars” while the TDC agency owners, managers and head office staff dressed as their “Adoring Fans.”  Team Travel Corporation came dressed as the Village People, while the Spice Girls represented for Transat Tours Canada. Manulife Financial dressed as Run DMC and the group from WestJet were the judges from The Voice – overall a very good effort was made, with all participants going all out with their costumes.

Throughout the week, the preferred partners have multiple opportunities to interact with the members.  A trade show format on day one allowed the owners and managers to set up one-on-one appointments with the partners throughout the rest of the week, where they discuss business building opportunities for the coming year.