Tuesday,  October 4, 2022  6:13 pm

Sunwing to dispute chargebacks on behalf of travel agents

Sunwing to dispute chargebacks on behalf of travel agents
Pax Global Media

As previously reported, the Government of Ontario has made an amendment to the Travel Industry Act to help reduce the burden on agents and wholesalers during the  COVID-19 pandemic.

The amendment deems future travel credits or vouchers as an acceptable form of redemption for bookings impacted by COVID-19 and expanded coverage under the Travel Industry Compensation Fund. 

In a letter sent to travel agents on Wednesday (April 1st), Sunwing applauded these changes, which will "help reduce the risk of chargebacks and ease the financial burden on travel agents," the company wrote.  

However, the company added that if a chargeback is approved by a credit card company, "the burden of payment will not be passed along to you as a travel agent."

The company wrote: 

"Sunwing will be disputing these chargebacks on your behalf. If we require any information from you to dispute a chargeback, we will reach out to you directly and ask you to provide us with any communications between your agency and our mutual customers in regards to future travel credits or compensation to make the dispute process easier." 

Sunwing also made note of the "challenging" past few weeks, thanking its travel agent partners, employees and the industry for their support during this unprecedented time.

The company also urged agents to regularly check sunwingagents.ca for important updates.

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