Saturday,  August 15, 2020  4:24 pm

Novotel appoints Michael Singer as Area GM for Toronto

Novotel appoints Michael Singer as Area GM for Toronto

Novotel North America has named Michael Singer the new Area General Manager of all Toronto Novotel hotels.

Currently General Manager of Novotel North York and a 25-year veteran of Accor, the world's leading hotel operator, Singer will oversee all Novotel operations in the Toronto area.

In addition to his role as current General Manager of Novotel North York, Singer will be responsible for the operations of all Novotel Toronto hotels to maximize performance and quality. He will be tasked with creating a strategic plan for market growth in Toronto by implementing cohesive sales, PR, and marketing activities among all properties, while also overseeing F&B profitability and assisting in conceptual culinary developments. Singer will also be charged with monitoring growth of income and improving ‘flow’ through the area hotels, while also assisting individual properties as needed in increasing market share and business stability.

Singer joined Accor in 1988 as General Manager at Novotel Ipswich in the United Kingdom, then proceeded to hold senior-level positions in several locations, including General Manager at Novotel London Heathrow, Novotel Mississauga and Novotel Toronto Centre.