Saturday,  September 18, 2021  4:06 pm

New tour operator launches: Journey the Globe

New tour operator launches: Journey the Globe

A new tour operator is launching in the Canadian market, catering to specialty group voyages to exotic destinations.

Co-owner and President Jackie Bishop Martin, formerly of Big Five Tours, is introducing Journey the Globe in partnership with fellow industry veteran Dashiell Vasquez, co-owner and vice-president.

The new venture will concentrate on Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East, with a focus on specialty theme groups such as celebrity chef culinary experiences, adaptability tours, celebrity golf tournaments, wine, women's groups, adventure tours and more.

"All we ask for is that you call us, give us an opportunity to prove to you that the ‘passion and joy of travel’ is still very much alive," she said.

According to Martin, the business is being supported by accredited international suppliers that she has been working with throughout her 20 years of experience in the travel industry.

Vasquez, who has 15 years of travel industry experience in management, operations & sales, will oversee the South & Central America division, with a main focus on Costa Rica. Lionel Rozario will handle the Indian sub-continent and Asia departments.

Seminars, training sessions and FAMS are expected to be announced later this month.

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