Sunday,  August 9, 2020  4:18 pm

New iGroup program launches for managing group travel

New iGroup program launches for managing group travel

A new software tool is available to help agents booking groupsĀ better create and manage those travel packages.

The iGroup voyages/travel tool is intended for all travel professionals and incoming/outgoing tour operators who have to manage coach tours, allowing users to quickly create, calculate and operate packages. iGroup also offers flexibility and facilitates the calculation and creation of groups and the preparation of all necessary management operations.

Claudine McCanniGroup is being launched by Claudine McCann, who spent 22 years working with Sears Travel, in conjunction with MDM Tourism Management.

The program also allows for the creation and calculation of a group package in various currencies. iGroup calculates the prices based on the number of people, for a specific date and as per the supplier prices or fixed prices by the travel agent. The program also determines expenses, gratuities, margins, commissions paid to the agency, the number of participants and taxes, calculates the selling prices and indicates the profitability.

Licences for iGroup can be for purchased forĀ $129 (two agents) or $99 for a single agent. More information is available at or by e-mail at