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Luxury Gold's newest magazine is packed with personalized VIP experiences

Luxury Gold's newest magazine is packed with personalized VIP experiences
Christine Hogg

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Luxury Gold has launched its 2019 magazine, featuring 55 journeys across the world, that put a strong emphasis on personalization and exclusivity for travellers seeking a luxury experience.

In true luxury fashion, yesterday afternoon Luxury Gold hosted media and suppliers for high tea at the Omni King Edward Hotel. The lovely afternoon treat was intended to show guests the kinds of experiences they might have on one of Luxury Gold's new itineraries. Over steeped cups of rooibos, Assam, and green teas, and buttermilk scones smothered in Devonshire cream and fresh strawberry jam, Brad Ford, president, Luxury Gold, and Carla Brake, vice president of sales, unpacked the highlights from Luxury Gold's newest magazine.

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Personalized luxury like never before

"We're very excited to launch Luxury Gold, and we've actually released the magazine a little bit earlier this year, which came out in July," Brake told PAX. "The main reason for that is because with a worldwide collection of luxury journeys, we wanted to be out in the market earlier, to give these kinds of travellers who plan more in advance, more time."

The Chairman's Collection

Offering a kind of exclusive luxury travellers won't find anywhere else, Luxury Gold's Chairman's Collection is a selection of trips personally curated by TTC's chairman Stanley Tollman. Itineraries under this category include rare inclusions and experiences that the average traveller can't do on their own, like visiting Princess Anita von Hohenberg at her Austrian castle, where she strolls through the gardens with guests.

Hot destinations

Ford and Brake anticipate that Ireland will be a favourite for Luxury Gold travellers in 2019, and with that in mind, they've launched a brand new trip called Ultimate Ireland, an intensive 12-day trip that takes travellers through the north and south, and includes two nights at the Ashford Castle.

Another new trip to Russia, called Remarkable Russia, which can be done two ways:an eight-day journey through St. Petersburg and Moscow by train, or, lengthen the trip to a 22-day experience by adding an extension via the Trans-Siberian Railway, which winds through Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Luxury Your Way

With the luxury elements taken care of through any journey in the Luxury Gold collection, one of the biggest demands from guests is the element of free time.

"We include all of the must-sees and must-dos in the destination, but they're also created in order to give the guests choice regarding the experiences we have included for them," Brake explained.

"Everything that you need has been thought through and included in the journey," added Ford. "It's been thoughtfully put together so that in your day-to-day schedule, you can really see the iconic sights, but still have some free time to choose to decompress, or do a lovely lunch all on your own. You can also choose to customize the trip as much as you want to, because we have a travelling concierge."

Luxury Gold also prides itself on having smaller groups--some departures have a maximum of 24 travellers, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, and certain destinations, like in South Africa, cap it at 16.

The Travelling Concierge

Gone are the days of ringing down to the hotel lobby at 3:00 a.m. and hoping somebody on the other line picks up.

Luxury Gold has a Travelling Concierge which is exactly what it sounds like. The Travelling Concierge works one on one with each and every client to tailor their personal holiday, and help with any last minute details, like add-ons or special requests. It's available to guests 24/7--even requests with an incredibly short window of service will be accomodated, Ford confirms.

"Their [the Travelling Concierge] sole purpose is to get to know you, and right off the bat, they're asking you questions like 'what's of interest to you?', 'why did you choose this journey?', 'what are you most excited for?', and they amplify that experience with you, hoping to truly customize something that is just for you," Ford said.