Tuesday,  August 9, 2022  9:42 pm

Globus connects clients to agents with new online tool

Globus connects clients to agents with new online tool

Globus has announced the launch of Client Connect, a first-of-its-kind online referral tool in the Canadian travel industry which directly connects potential clients to travel agents.

By clicking on the ‘Find Travel Agent’ button on the Globus, Cosmos, Monograms or Avalon Waterways web sites, a consumer enters a postal code and then selects a radius of 1, 5, 10 or 25 miles, said a release from Globus. Travel agencies with agents who have completed a Globus specialist program – Avalon Waterways Specialist (AWS), Monograms Booking Agent (MBA) or the Globus or Cosmos Tour Expert (GTE) programs – will be sorted to the top of the list with a specialist logo adjacent to their agency and a new button to ‘View Specialists,’ allowing potential clients to view all the specialists at the agency. Queries will remain confidential between the client and the agent, said the release.

Agencies that have the specialist logo alongside their agency name and address which have also met a pre-set minimum sales threshold for each brand will also get a ‘Click to Connect’ button next to their listing, presenting consumers with a short inquiry form; an email will be sent to the agency to follow-up.

For more information, visit www.agentlingo.ca.