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Partners take to the ice for CWT's 6th annual curling bonspiel

Partners take to the ice for CWT's 6th annual curling bonspiel
Christine Hogg

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Once everyone grabbed a pair of grippers and stepped on the sheet, the next few hours of yesterday afternoon (Feb. 10) were spent throwing rocks at a house.

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No idea what we're talking about?

Unless you were at CWT Vacations' sixth annual curling bonspiel, we don't blame you for not understanding the curling lingo! Held at the Bayview Golf and Country Club, the company's annual (friendly) curling match brought together supplier partners as a way to say thanks for an amazing year.

Grippers on, brooms in one hand, and slides in another, players were split into teams of four to see who could score the most points out on the ice. While some players came more prepared than others (we saw the outfits), it was a fun afternoon for all, followed by lunch amongst partners who, in this industry, are more like friends.

There were no slideshow presentations and no long speeches⁠—instead, this was a true partner appreciation event, where CWT Vacations' main goal of the day was to make sure their valued partners felt acknowledged for their contributions throughout the year.

"We started this program about five years ago because we talk a lot about the partners we have in this business, and as the business progresses and becomes more and more competitive, and margins shrink, we're all working hard to mine the partnerships that are the most valuable to us," said Sherry Saunders, country director, Canada & VP North America customer organization. "It's important that we identify a select group of partners, and we thank those partners for the support that they give us as we continue to try and drive our leisure business."

"We wanted to take the opportunity to spend time together, relax, and have a few laughs and enjoy the day," added Mark Stubbert, senior director, North American operations, CWT Vacations.

Check out the curling photos!

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