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Costsaver introduces new trips to Asia for 2020/2021

Costsaver introduces new trips to Asia for 2020/2021

Costsaver has launched its  2020/2021 Asia trips for a second year. 

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Alongside the list of successful 2019 itineraries, the brand is expanding to include two new destinations, as well as the official unveiling of its new ultra-flexible ‘Mini Breaks’ and four new tours expanding the total brand offering to 10 trips across eight countries.

Building on Costsaver’s commitment to delivering value tours without compromise, the  2020/2021 series includes all the quality essentials that are the bedrock of the brand with even more optional experiences to allow clients to tailor their dream holiday.

“We were overwhelmed by the positive response to our launch into Asia,” said Janice Farnum, director of product for Asia. “Clients are loving the Costsaver way to travel that gives them everything they need for a great holiday and the tools to tailor it to perfection. It’s a refreshing way to explore Asia, and we’re so excited to introduce our new trips, showcasing even more of this stunning continent." 

What's new

The following new trips are now available:

  • A 22-day Essence of South East Asia itinerary exploring Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • A 15-day Thai and Malaysian OdysseyCostsaver's first trip to Malaysia and Southern Thailand,
  • New ‘Mini Breaks,’ which includes an exciting new destination as part of its Amazing Singapore tour. This 4-day micro trip is the perfect embodiment of the new ‘Mini Breaks’ travel style which lets clients explore a single destination as a short standalone holiday or as an add-on to another itinerary.

Costsaver has revised its China itinerary for  2020/2021 to include a three-night cruise down the Yangtze River, seeing memorable sites like The Goddess Stream of the Three Gorges, the monasteries and shrines of the 2000-year-old Ghost City and the other spectacular sites along this iconic riverway.

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