Saturday,  August 13, 2022  3:05 pm

Canada ranked top travel destination in new report

Canada ranked top travel destination in new report

According to a new study by the Reputation Institute, Canada is the top country in the world to visit, live in, study and attend or organize events.

The 2014 Country RepTrak report ranked Canada as the country with the No. 2 best overall reputation in the world, after three consecutive years holding the top spot. The report is based on the online answers from 26,000 consumers in the G8 countries and focuses on the 55 countries around the world with the highest GDP. Trust, esteem, admiration and good feelings the public holds towards these countries, as well as quality of life, safety and attention to the environment are all major factors in the results, said a release from the organization.

In its assessment of Canada, the report factored in aspects including friendly and welcoming people as well as contributions to global culture and safe environment as key drivers in the ranking.

Tourism is Canada’s largest service export, contributing $16.4 billion in 2013, said a release from the Reputation Institute. Canada is also the top location for outbound meetings business from the US, which brings in about $1.5 billion annually.