Monday,  December 11, 2023  1:03 pm

Air Transat launches Vacation Intervention for over-worked Canadians

Air Transat launches Vacation Intervention for over-worked Canadians

Every year, millions of vacation days are left unused in Canada.

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As a matter of fact, a research made in partnership with Angus Reid conducted with online Canadian members of the Angus Reid Forum shows that among those who have vacation days, 47 per cent of Ontarians and 27 per cent of Quebecers do not take all of them. 

It's a statistic that prompted Air Transat to once again launch its Vacation Intervention campaign, which, using humor, aims to remind Canadians of the importance of taking some time to completely unwind.

“Our new campaign is playful and fun, but it has a serious message at heart: Everybody deserves a vacation," said Genevieve LeBrun, vice-president of marketing at Air Transat.

About the campaign

The campaign, created in collaboration with Sid Lee, includes a series of reporter-on-the street videos in both English and French starring comedians Abdul Butt (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) and Pascal Cameron respectively, as they seek out the most vacation‑deprived. The irreverent, bite-sized films were produced by Romeo et Fils with the keen eye of director William Fradette behind the camera.

This creative, multi-platform campaign also features interactive experiences tailored to Instagram and Facebook, which make users feel like they’re almost—but not quite—at the beach. Out-of-home ads feature semi-serious questions to help passersby decide if they’re ripe for a vacation intervention. In targeted newspaper ads, Air Transat asks readers if their reading habits might be leading them to shun vacations. In radio, Air Transat is posing tough questions to the most vacation-deprived. And web banners let everyone know it’s time to click away from the routine and go somewhere warm.

Air Transat is launching The Vacation Intervention Promo to give everyone the chance to get away from it all. The promo offers savings of up to $1,000 per couple on South packages.

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