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#TPIWalktoberChallenge: PAX checks in with TPI's Dale Einarsson

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  •   10-26-2020  2:13 pm
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#TPIWalktoberChallenge: PAX checks in with TPI's Dale Einarsson
TPI's Dale Einarsson. (Supplied)
Pax Global Media

Travel Professionals International (TPI) is doing its part this Breast Cancer Awareness Month month and raising funds for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada.

All month long, the TPI family has been participating in the TPI Walktober Challenge, a fundraising initiative whereby participants walk virtually along Canada’s Trans Canada Trail. 

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Each day, participants complete a set number of steps, which moves them along a pre-set map that starts in Victoria, BC, and ends in St. John’s, NL.

The group has been participating in fun activities along the way, which you can see on social media by clicking the hashtag #TPIWalktoberChallenge.   

It may be the last week of October, but there are still plenty of stories to tell! Here, PAX checks in with TPI advisor Dale Einarsson of Dauphin River, MB to learn more about her participation, and progress, in the challenge!

PAX: Why was it important for you to get involved in TPI’s Walktober Challenge in support of the Breast Cancer Society of Canada?

Dale Einarsson (DE): The TPI Walktober Challenge is important to me as it helps make people more aware of breast cancer. I walk for several people, family members and close friends who have had to deal with all types of cancer, including breast cancer. I, myself, have been fortunate so far but did have a scare years ago. So now get regular mammograms.

PAX: Where are you getting your steps in?

DE: Most of my walks are on gravel roads, along the river where we live. I walk alone or sometimes with our dog. I have to be mindful of wildlife such as bears and wolves plus other critters like skunks and fishers! I break my walks into three times a day if possible as I have back problems and need to rest in between.

PAX: What are some goals you hope to achieve throughout this campaign? 

DE: My goal for this walk started out with bringing awareness to my women friends, the importance of looking after ourselves, getting regular checkups and hopefully raise a few dollars along the way. Now that we can see the finish line, I believe we have accomplished that and more.

PAX: Travel and fundraising are two things that go really well together. Why do you think this is? 

DE: I think that people who have a passion for travel are giving by nature. They are aware not only of their local surroundings and needs, but also their global surroundings. Most will donate to causes in the destinations they love to visit.

PAX: How have you gotten your clients involved? 

DE: I post on Facebook every day about how my walks went and receive positive feedback, which helps keep me motivated as well! Plus, if anyone stops to talk while I am walking, I always explain what I am doing and why.

PAX: What have you learned about yourself, and the travel industry, during this campaign?

DE: I have found from doing this challenge that I am capable of doing more than I give myself credit for! Because of my injury, I was afraid to try getting back into being physically active. This has pushed me to do it and for that I am grateful. I love walking and enjoying nature. I also realized that being isolated and not travelling, I was missing the connection with my travel advisor peers. Our TPI family is very supportive and staying connected is important.

Stay tuned as PAX brings you more from the #TPIWalktoberChallenge!  Industry colleagues can access the official step tracking form for the challenge here and the campaign's official guidebook can be found here

To make a donation to the #TPIWalktoberChallenge, click here

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