Thursday,  May 13, 2021  9:06 am

A sincere thanks from Romantic Planet Vacations

A sincere thanks from Romantic Planet Vacations

Romantic Planet Vacations is expressing its gratitude to its valued partners and suppliers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Without a doubt, this has been one of the most difficult and challenging times that our beloved travel industry has had to face but we couldn't have endured it alone. Thank you truly for all that you, and your team, do. Thank you for protected our mutual clients," said Laurie Keith, President of Romantic Planet Vacations. "Thank you for assisting us, even if that meant working around the clock. Thank you for now implementing new health and safety measures to keep clients and staff safe and to help us to do our part in rebuilding consumer confidence so that we can re-book them when they are ready."

"Together, we will get through this, as we always have. If one thing is certain, it is that our industry is resilient, passionate and caring and we will reboot and rebuild. From the entire team at Romantic Planet Vacations, thank you and we truly look forward to working with you again in the future in making travel dreams come true," she said.  

Keith's message is part of PAX's Travel Trade Professionals Club, a campaign dedicated to keeping the industry connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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