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Will Canada extend U.S border closure to June? Talks are “going well,” says PM

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  •   05-13-2020  12:37 pm
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Will Canada extend U.S border closure to June? Talks are “going well,” says PM
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (CBC News/file photo)
Pax Global Media

Canada and the United States’ agreement to keep the border closed expires next Thursday on May 21st.

And if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has his way, the ban on all non-essential travel across the border will be extended for another month.

Trudeau said talks are “going well” in regards to extending that border closure deadline, CTV reports.

The Prime Minister has taken to vowing that Canada move with caution when it comes to loosening travel restrictions to avoid a potential second wave of COVID-19.

Both Canada and the U.S. are in the early stages of easing their restrictions to halt the spread of the virus.

Reports say federal officials are in talks with Homeland Security about ending the cross-border shutdown on June 21.

No formal agreement has been made yet, but the Prime Minister said he was “confident about being able to continue to keep Canadians safe.”

“We are a good week away from the expiry of the current phase of our border restrictions, with the United States. Conversations are ongoing… I won't make any announcements today, but I can say that things are going well,” he said.

The current agreement at the border still allows the flow trade and commerce, as well as health-care workers who live and work on opposite sides.

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