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VIDEO: Exploring Sunwing health & safety at Royalton Bavaro in Dominican Republic

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  •   01-08-2021  11:05 am
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VIDEO: Exploring Sunwing health & safety at Royalton Bavaro in Dominican Republic
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Whether Canadians choose to travel today, or choose to save travel for another day, the team at Pax Global Media remains committed to providing travel professionals with the most dynamic and comprehensive news coverage amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Pax Global Media shares the commitment of its partners for a safe and responsible restart of the travel industry.  

From the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis, our team’s mission has been to provide travel advisors with the most up-to-date news and information about the pandemic and its direct impact on the travel sector.  

This extends to our decision to resume our travel activities so we can track just how companies, in destinations, are addressing the health and safety challenges of today’s new world.  

Canada’s strict travel restrictions are a significant barrier to travelling, and with ongoing modifications to airline networks, travel advisors face mounting instability when it comes to booking clients with confidence. We recognize this. 

Despite these challenges, PAX will continue to provide an on-the-ground perspective of travel during the pandemic, when and wherever possible, not only to keep our readership informed, but to also keep the wanderlust alive.  

As it has been well documented already, the pent-up demand for travel is real, and the moment restrictions are lifted, Canadians will be eager to pack their bags and see the world.  

You can rest assured that travel advisors in the PAX community will know what to expect from travel when that glorious moment arrives.  

So, we invite you to watch our latest on-location video report from the Royalton Bavaro Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic, where we recently spent 24 days unearthing the latest in health and safety protocols at several all-inclusive resorts.  

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Supported by Sunwing’s “Safe With Sunwing” commitment, the experience gave us a glimpse at travel’s new normal, all the while reminding us that, despite COVID protocols, vacations can still be fun, safe and enjoyable.  

Stay tuned for more videos from our exclusive tour. 

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