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Uplift unveils product enhancements, reports record partner growth in Canada

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  •   11-19-2021  6:07 am
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Uplift unveils product enhancements, reports record partner growth in Canada
Denise Heffron, Managing Director, Canada, Uplift. (Photo: Pax Global Media)
Pax Global Media

Uplift is reporting record growth in Canada by doubling its number of partners with some of the top brands in travel while launching many new products and services. 

Throughout the pandemic, award-winning Uplift, a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution,  has been active and growing in the Canadian market providing merchants and clients a greater selection of customized flexible payment terms, promotional offers, and launched new product enhancements for consumers and travel partners.

Uplift’s new enhancements and developments for the Canadian market include:

  • More flexible payment offers – customers can now opt for installment terms that best suit their budget
  • Lower minimum purchase price — consumers can now utilize installments for purchases as low as $300
  • Promotional Financing — select merchants can now offer interest-free payments helping to drive higher average order value (AOV)

“At Uplift, we believe that the key to travel recovery is personalization and innovation — not only in the way we travel, but how we book travel as well. We have been actively onboarding new partners and preparing for recovery throughout the pandemic. We recognize that product enhancements and flexibility are critical as we move forward and get back to travelling,” said Denise Heffron, Uplift's managing director.

Affordable monthly payments

With Uplift’s simple and easy BNPL installments, consumers can book their dream vacation when they are ready and spread the cost of their purchase over affordable monthly payments, rather than paying in full at time of booking. 

There are no late fees or prepayment penalties, and travel can happen prior to the full amount being paid off.

Uplift is seamlessly integrated into the travel partners’ booking process, allowing customers to see the total cost of their trip along with the monthly installment amounts. 

Surprise-free monthly payments also allow customers to see how an upgraded travel experience can be more easily accessible — the option of upgrading to first class or a luxury vacation experience can be attainable with only a few extra dollars a month.

“With travel rebounding in Canada, it’s important that we provide payment options for our customers to get them traveling again,” said Kevin Jackson, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Porter Airlines. “Buy Now Pay Later plans are becoming an expectation for consumers when making high-value purchases. Uplift provides financial flexibility and we expect the number of people using it to grow as passenger numbers increase.”

Support for the trade

Supporting travel advisor partners is vital as well. 

Uplift has been focused on building enhanced technology and developing more robust training programs and a full set of marketing assets designed to assist travel advisors. 

In Canada, contracted travel agencies/ advisors can take advantage of Uplift’s Standalone Agent Tool. Uplift is also available for travel advisors at large via Sirev.

“We know that agents are key to recovery — their knowledge and expertise are more valuable than ever. With this in mind, we’ve been working on developments that will benefit both agents and their clients as we get back to the business we love," Heffron said. "Through enhancing our agent technology and offers we will ensure ease of booking, more features, and an all-round, more seamless experience for the agent. More choice and options for their clients have been at the forefront as well. We are committed to supporting travel agents in all ways possible and helping them grow their business will be a key focus during recovery and beyond.”

Uplift partners with more than 200 of the world’s leading airlines, cruise lines, resorts and other major travel brands in the United States and Canada, to offer BNPL payment options to help more consumers make meaningful purchases and experience the travel that they deserve. 

Uplift’s Buy Now, Pay Later flexible payment options are now available for booking via these travel partners. 

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