Saturday,  July 24, 2021  3:32 am

Tourist office of Spain employees hit the picket line

Tourist office of Spain employees hit the picket line

Toronto-based employees at the Tourist office of Spain have officially gone on strike due to “salary shame and inequality,” a union representative close to the situation has stated.

Juan Carlos Muñoz, union representative, has confirmed that there will be a picket line held at the entrance of the George Brown College building, located at 215 King St. E., in Toronto today (June 14), from 5:30-6:45 p.m.

The location was selected as the Tourist Office of Spain and the Tourist Office of Andalusia will be hosting an event there at that time.

“It will be an informative demonstration of the workers of the Tourist office of Spain, joined by colleagues of the Consulate of Spain and the Commercial Office of Spain in Toronto supporting our demands,” Muñoz stated in a release. According to a statement by the tourist office, the salaries of the employees of the Tourist Office of Spain have been frozen for almost a decade, as PAX reported last May, while officials of the Government of Spain, such as ambassadors, have received salary increases this year.

The office also stated that the salary differences between the employees of the same category within various departments of the Spanish Ministries in Canada differ by more than 50 per cent and that the wage freeze measure has not taken into account the increasing cost of living in Canada in recent years.

The Spanish Workers' union alos stated in May that the strike could extend to all of the North American tourist offices if a deal is not negotiated, followed by the possibility of an indefinite strike in the whole Foreign Service.