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Softvoyage launches ''Take Off," a newly-developed air booking engine

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  •   03-29-2022  7:18 am
  •   Pax Global Media

Softvoyage launches ''Take Off," a newly-developed air booking engine
Pax Global Media

Softvoyage recently launched a newly-created air booking engine available for all markets in North America

The new engine has upgraded several features including ease of interface, better security, faster speed, better accuracy in the results, easy sorting and much more. 

  • Some of the new advancements include:
  • Flexible date options for additional flights
  • Display search results according to the customer requirements
  • New refine search criteria’s
  • Mouse over information
  • Seat maps (when available)
  • Easy search reset
  • Easy to read result grid
  • Detailed stopovers
  • Openjaws
  • Multi city options

“Our customers require tools to compete especially as we are slowly returning to the new normal following the pandemic," said Steve Ringuet, co-president at Softvoyage. "The new Take Off air engine is very complete as it reaches several flight databases to offer the best possible price, flexible itinerary and margin options for their customers." 

"It is filled with advanced search functionalities to provide the right content to customers. It also comes with a very private data control centre where you set up and maintain profile information, define applicable business rules, configure your pricing rules as well as booking reports and access to web statistic and site activities." 

Take Off is now live for Sirev users and available for all existing airline, tour operator and online travel agencies as well as potential new Softvoyage customers. 

For a free demo, email info@softvoyage.com or call 514-273-0008. 

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