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PAX Pic of the Day: Shoe Shopping in Madrid

PAX Pic of the Day: Shoe Shopping in Madrid

What's Spain without a little bit of shopping?

In Madrid, many shops sell espadrilles, but one shop in particular is very special, and teaming with variety.

Since the 19th century, Casa Hernanz has been making the sandals by hand, expertly weaving together cotton and silk uppers with a hemp sole. Hundreds of colourful espadrilles flood the small shop, and pack the storefront window. 

From vibrant colours, to metallics, and even silk canvas with print, Casa Hernanz has espadrilles you just can't find anywhere else in the city. Slip into a pair next time you visit Madrid--Casa Hernanz is just a four minute walk from Plaza Mayor, Madrid's bustling city square, when you take Calle de Toledo. 

PIC: Espadrilles, Madrid, Spain, October 2017. By: Christine Hogg