Tuesday,  August 20, 2019  11:30 pm

PAX Global Media expands editorial team

PAX Global Media expands editorial team

PAX Global Media (PGM) has hired a new journalist in Quebec, as part of its ongoing editorial strategy.

Antoine Stab, originally from France, relocated to Quebec where he worked for Espaces magazine, a French-Canadian publication specializing in the great outdoors.

"I am delighted to be able to work with Antoine on a daily basis," said Marie-Eve Vallières, national editor of PGM. "His curiosity and thorough approach [to journalism] make him an essential member of our team and we are very excited to develop new projects with him on board." 

Antoine's arrival at PGM is part of the integrated expansion of the PGM brand and its affiliate products, which have recently been enhanced following the acquisition of Tourisme Plus' assets just last week.

About Antoine

According to Antoine, who has worked as a journalist for seven years, his love of travel comes from the time he spent outdoors growing up. 

Through his time at Espaces, Antoine travelled extensively across the province of Quebec, doing everything from hiking, skiing, and cycling down roads and trails, year round. 

Prior to this, Antoine studied law and political science before obtaining a master's degree in journalism from Montpellier 1 University.

Curious about everything, from what is happening in his own backyard to what's going on at the other end of the world, his passion for travel comes from his grandmother, who travelled the world. His adventures, sometimes incredible, continue to inspire him—almost as much as chocolate, his other true passion!

Antoine can be reached at: antoine@paxglobalmedia.com.