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LOCALIKE bringing NYC north

LOCALIKE bringing NYC north
Of Localike: Sara Teckenberg, digital marketing and business development & Andreas Leuzinger, owner & founder
Blake Wolfe

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“New York City is constantly changing – and it wasn’t just me struggling with the challenge of keeping up with those changes,” recalls LOCALIKE owner and founder Andreas Leuzinger, who would often travel to the city from his hometown of Zurich.

What began as making friendly recommendations for fellow travellers eventually evolved into LOCALIKE, a travel service which generates customized itineraries for visitors to New York based on personal interests. Along with business partner Sara Teckenberg, digital marketing and business development, Leuzinger is now bringing LOCALIKE to Canadian travel agents as the scope of the business (originally geared toward inbound European travellers) continues to expand in North America.

“In Canada, we see a lot of great potential for LOCALIKE,” Teckenberg said, explaining that the product will be commissionable by agents. “We’re not cannibalizing their core products like hotels or flights and we can actually make a great addition to their services.”

Leuzinger explained the booking process for LOCALIKE: clients can go online to upload information to the platform, which then creates a personalized itinerary based on a variety of interests, ranging from food, music, arts and culture and much more. Teckenberg explained that each category is further customized based on what type of experience a traveller is seeking; for example, restaurants are suggested based on factors such as cuisine, price and atmosphere.

Customized two-day itineraries start at $129 U.S. (a commission rate for travel agents is currently being developed), and for an additional fee, travellers have the option of requesting several curated, experiential itineraries through LOCALIKE’s New York City Select option, with recommendations driven by certain themed activities or locations.

All of the tours, restaurants and tickets can also be booked and reserved through LOCALIKE directly, Leuzinger explained.

The program also unlocks several exclusive NYC experiences; for example, a sought-after Japanese restaurant that doesn’t publish its phone number but can be accessed because the LOCALIKE team has eaten there, or selections such as a neighboUrhood jazz bar tucked in the basement of an Italian restaurant.

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