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Happy Travel Agent Day from Uguette Chiasson, CEO, Pax Global Media

Happy Travel Agent Day from Uguette Chiasson, CEO, Pax Global Media
Uguette Chiasson, présidente de Pax Global Media.
Uguette Chiasson

Uguette Chiasson is the founder and CEO of PAX Global Media, a multi-platform publishing house specialised in the Canadian travel trade. She's been an integral part of the industry for over 26 years.

Travel agents, it’s your day…more than ever!

While the month of May is widely regarded as a month to celebrate travel agents, today, Wednesday May 6th, is officially Travel Agent Day.

COVID-19 might not have you in the mood for fun and games, but at PAX, we think that now, it’s more important than ever to let loose!

It’s important to pay tribute to you in “normal” times and it’s even more important to do so when your entire industry is battered by an unprecedented crisis.

As you struggle to keep your head above water, we want to be that voice that encourages you, inspires you to hold on, and reminds you that the good weather will return after the storm.

It won’t happen tomorrow and it’s not going to be easy.

But one day, the time will come when everything will be fine, and PAX intends to accompany you, support you, inform you, and equip you with news and resources until those sunny days return.

Over the years, we have seen you face other crises and challenges.

Prophets of doom have often announced your disappearance and you’ve always proved them wrong. Your resilience deserves admiration!

At PAX, we are confident that you will overcome today's obstacles, as you have done so before.

You will face adversity, as you have always done, and you will emerge from this test having grown stronger with new skills that will help you face your next challenges.

In the meantime, we applaud you without restraint. Most importantly, we invite you to applaud yourselves, without false modesty.

You deserve it so much!

Uguette Chiasson

President, CEO

Pax Global Media Inc.

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