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Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year from Pax Global Media

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  •   12-21-2022  10:43 am
  •   Uguette Chiasson

Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year from Pax Global Media
Uguette Chiasson, president and CEO, Pax Global Media Inc. (Pax Global Media)
Uguette Chiasson

For almost three years, the travel industry endured its most difficult challenges to date. 

Fortunately, over the past few months, we have seen a significant recovery. People have started travelling again! 

The prosperity of our company has continued all this time thanks to the team, our freelancers, our collaborators, our readers, our customers and our partners.

Once again, many of you placed your trust in us this year. The entire Pax Global Media Inc. team thanks you for your loyalty and wishes you a happy new year in 2023!

This holiday season is also an opportunity for me to warmly thank you for your unwavering collaboration with our company. Thanks to you and your trust, our activities will continue to grow. 

For 2023, many projects are on the table and the team will continue to provide you with industry news every day.

May this New Year live up to your expectations and bring you health, happiness and prosperity!

Uguette Chiasson

President and CEO, Pax Global Media Inc.

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