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Global Affairs Canada issues update on Canadians repatriated and abroad

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  •   03-27-2020  8:55 am
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Global Affairs Canada issues update on Canadians repatriated and abroad
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Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government has been pressing its citizens for several days to return home. 

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has released its daily status report on Canadians stranded abroad or who are in the process of repatriation. 

While more than 419,400 Canadians have registered, it is not a complete picture of the number of Canadians abroad.


  • On Thursday (March 26th), 365 Canadians returned on a flight from Spain and 107 on a flight from Panama .
  • A second Air Canada flight left  Peru today with 400 Canadians on board. A third flight is scheduled for today (March 27th).
  • A third and final Air Canada flight left Morocco  for Montreal yesterday with 432 Canadians on board. In total, three flights from Morocco brought back approximately 1,300 Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
  • An Air Canada flight from Ecuador arrived in Toronto on Thursday with 273 Canadian citizens and permanent residents on board. The second of three flights from Ecuador is scheduled for tomorrow.
  • 178 Canadians arrived in Toronto on a Ukraine International Airlines flight from Ukraine on March 25th.

Finally, AMC indicates that flights from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Tunisia are being planned .

About cruise ships

"We are aware of reports that many cruise ships are having difficulty finding a place to dock, and we are actively monitoring the situation," said the CMA in its report.

The Maasdam MS of the Holland America Line has to dock in San Diego with 280 Canadians on board. The landing will take place on Friday (the 27th) and on Saturday, March 28th. 

Most passengers will be able to fly back to Canada immediately. There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on board.

AMC recommends that Canadians who are currently on a cruise ship to "continue to keep in touch with cruise line officials to keep abreast of the latest docking and departure information:"

"Once the cruise line has made these arrangements, passengers can then explore the possibilities of returning home. For now, we are asking Canadian travellers on a cruise ship to stay patient and follow health authorities' advice," said the CMA. 

Financial assistance to Canadians abroad

Canadians who need emergency consular assistance, anywhere in the world, can call the Center for Emergency Response and Response in Ottawa, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. , at +1 613-996-8885 or send an email to sos@international.gc.ca .

AMC also encourages its nationals abroad to register with the Registration Service of Canadians Abroad so that they can receive important updates and learn about the conditions of entry and exit of countries by which they can transit.

Finally, Canadians abroad affected by the COVID-19 can make a request for assistance under the Financial Assistance to Canadians outside of Canada in order to facilitate their return. This program allows them to cover their basic essential needs while they undertake the return procedures.

Each request is assessed according to the situation and the specific needs of the requesters. According to the CMA, 152 loans have been approved under the Emergency Loan Program and approximately 900 loan applications are currently being processed.