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The EU is planning to ban travel from Canada: reports

The EU is planning to ban travel from Canada: reports
Michael Pihach

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This story was updated on Oct. 21, 2020 at 12:26 p.m.

Multiple reports say the European Union is removing Canadians from its recommended travel list of countries whose residents are allowed to visit the bloc amid the pandemic. 

The news broke in a report from Bloomberg on Tuesday (Oct 20), claiming that Canada was going to be removed from the EU's "white list" of approved countries, alongside others, such as Tunisia and Georgia. 

Bloomberg reports that the U.S. is also set to remain blacklisted along with many other countries in the world.

A meeting of 27 EU nations met on Wednesday (Oct. 21), and according to a new report published by CBC News, which spoke to an EU official on the condition of anonymity, Canada has, indeed, been removed from the EU's safe list. 

Meanwhile, the EU will be welcoming Singapore to it's list as it has improved it's COVID-19 situation, sources say. 

All of these developments have not been officially announced just yet. 

CBC reports that a final version of the EU's updated travel list will be made public within a matter of days.

Restrictions lifted in July 

The Council of the European Union lifted travel restrictions for residents of fifteen countries, including Canada, on July 1st.

While the announcement may have been welcome news to some travellers, Canadians were (and still are) bound to a federal 14-day quarantine measure upon returning home. 

The move marked the gradual lifting of temporary restrictions on non-essential travel in the European Union. 

Making the "white list," as it's called, was determined by a set guidance of criteria based on a country's epidemiological situation and containment measures regarding COVID-19. 

The recent changes to EU's list would represent the first in more than two months since introducing the white list, reducing it from 11 foreign nations at present to nine. 

Canada is currently in the midst of a second wave of COVID-19, posting a total tally of 203,000 confirmed cases of disease. 

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