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Club Med: a smart option for ski groups

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Club Med: a smart option for ski groups

A smart travel agent will know exactly what to say to their groups of friends and family who want to experience the world’s best ski areas, at an affordable price, without compromising the quality of their stay: “Club Med is for you!” 

The brand even has a dedicated team here in Canada to support clients throughout the process. With Club Med, ski stays have never been easier to organize!

22 Resorts, 22 unique experiences

Choose from 22 Club Med ski resorts throughout the world, including 18 in the Alps – one of the most prestigious winter destinations on the planet. Club Med offers its skiers a wide variety of slopes, blending high quality and epic experiences with plenty of snow.

Just think of Arcs Panorama and Samoëns Morillon in Grand Massif, which have recently opened their doors, or Arcs Extreme – the only ski resort that’s exclusively for adults.

Several new offerings on the horizon include Alpe d’Huez, which will be completely transformed into a 4-Trident resort for the 2020 winter season. Located at the heart of the slopes and enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine per year, the resort will offer amazing views over the surrounding summits with more than 1000 m² of south-facing terraces.

An attractive program for agents

The rates proposed and contracted by travel agents are protected. For example, if an agent signs a group in February 2019 for a stay in March 2020, the rate remains the one he or she signed – even if the client doesn’t register until July 2019. Note that stays are payable in $CAD before departure. Finally, by selling an all-inclusive stay, Club Med's travel partners receive a commission on the full service, which is more advantageous than à la carte stays. This is a great opportunity to generate additional revenue.

All-inclusive, worry-free ski

Choosing Club Med for a mountain stay is also an assurance of a truly worry-free vacation. Club Med’s all-inclusive packages include accommodation, fine dining, open bar, all levels of skiing and snowboarding classes offered by the best instructors, lifts without waiting, additional activities including snowshoeing and aqua-fitness, access to wellness facilities, Club Med party nights, and (in most resorts) supervision of children. 

Transportation is also simplified, with flights departing from Canada and transfers to a Club Med resort. It’s a comprehensive product that agents can sell with confidence. No stress – just ski.

Jennifer Brosseau, Sportvac Voyages


“We have been working with Club Med for several years now for ski trips in Europe. The popularity of the all-inclusive ski formula has definitely exploded in the last years. Customers ask for it and as I know the formula, the different Club Med resorts and ski areas, it is a real pleasure to offer it. This formula has undoubtedly several added values, such as food of exceptional quality and ski instructors who allow us to ski without fear of getting lost on the gigantic European domains. Guests can enjoy their vacation to the fullest, while being in resorts offering high standard and premium services. We offer several group departures each year, and each time they fill up early in the season. People realize more and more that the value for money of Club Med is excellent. I am happy and proud to be a Club Med partner and able to work with them to make my clients' travels a success!”