Tuesday,  January 26, 2021  7:51 pm

Canadians want spontaneous travel: Booking.com

Canadians want spontaneous travel: Booking.com

Forget the old saying “diamonds are a girl's best friend” because what we all really, really want; according to a survey by Booking.com, is a surprise trip away.

The survey, which polled 1,100 respondents across Canada about their attitude towards spontaneity, revealed that 49 per cent consider a surprise trip away to be at the top of the list of meaningful gifts. The next most popular answer dinner at a fancy restaurant (voted by 20 per cent), while jewellery or watches fetched only eight per cent of the vote.

So why do people travel on the spur of the moment? According to the survey, three out of four Canadians (77 per cent) in relationships agree that a spontaneous trip would put the romance back into their lives, with 57 per cent of Canadians stating that they would book a last minute trip away with their partner “just because.”

Similarly, 44 per cent wish that their partners would book trip away for no particular reason. 

With a whopping four out of five respondents (79 per cent) agreeing that “spontaneous travel boosts my happiness levels” and nearly half (45 per cent) claiming to prefer spontaneous trips to planned trips, what stops people from making those last minute holiday plans?  Well, three out of four respondents (76 per cent) say the hardest part of booking last minute trips is finding affordable and quality accommodation.

In addition, over half (55 per cent) cite expense as a barrier to spur of the moment trips.