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Canada-U.S. border closure will be extended until at least November: reports

Canada-U.S. border closure will be extended until at least November: reports
Michael Pihach

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The Canada-U.S. land border is expected to remain closed until at least November, according to various new reports. 

In an update published on Tuesday (Sept. 15th), CTV News reported that the two countries will extend their existing border restrictions, a claim CTV confirmed with "senior government sources."

The sources CTV News spoke with said the restrictions will remain in place "until it is felt that the COVID-19 pandemic is under control."

A similar report published by CBC News also backed up the claim. 

Citing a source with direct knowledge of the situation, who spoke to CBC on the condition they not be named, the federal government will extend the Canada-U.S.  border closure for another 30 days until Oct. 21st. 

The source also said that Canadians should expect the border to remain closed for longer. 

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has yet to officially confirm the news. However, as seen in previous months when unconfirmed reports were published, it is likely that Trudeau will make a formal announcement soon. 

According to CBC News' source, the federal government is waiting to see evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. is being managed efficiently before it considers reopening the world's longest international border crossing. 

30 days at a time

The travel ban between the countries has been extended several times, for 30 days at a time. The current agreement was set to expire on Sept. 21.

As of Wednesday morning (Sept. 16), the U.S. showed a reported total of 6.61 million cases of COVID-19, according to a tally run by Johns Hopkins University.

For this reason, extending the ban on non-essential border traffic comes as no surprise, even as some members of U.S. Congress have pushed for its reopening.

Despite the land border between the two countries being closed, Canadians can, however, still fly to U.S. destinations. 

The Canada-U.S. border has been closed to non-essential travel since mid-March. 

This latest update will mark the sixth renewal of the border restrictions since the COVID-19 pandemic was first declared. 

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